Here's some products and services I use that I think are pretty great. These are referral links and have bonuses for both of us if you're interested in signing up.

  • Airtable - Are you using a spreadsheet as a makeshift database? Now you don't have to anymore. Airtable is perfect for that inbetween place where your spreadsheet has become unwieldy but you don't want to deal with a database. Very easy to use.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card - 60,000 point signup bonus. This is a great travel card with a bunch of benefits.
  • AirBnB - This is my go-to for affordable places to stay when traveling. If you sign up with this link, you'll get $40 off your first stay and $15 off an "experience" (personally I haven't tried booking any of those through AirBnB yet but they do seem to have a nice selection of classes and tours and such)
  • AirBnB - Alternatively, if you have some extra space in your home, rent it out and make some cash!
  • Dropbox - Back up your files and share them across computers. Easily create links to share files with others. I recently upgraded to the Pro plan and it's been invaluable.
  • Simple Analytics - Easy to use, privacy-friendly website analytics. Stop giving away your visitors' data to Google.
  • Transferwise - Now that I'm living overseas this is a godsend. Easily transfer money internationally with great exchange rates and minimal fees.
  • Linode - Hosting this website along with pretty much everything else I've done over the years, Linode has been incredibly reliable and easy to use. I recommend them to everyone looking for website hosting.
  • Zoho - A drop-in replacement for Google's GSuite. I moved my mail hosting there in order to reduce my reliance on Google and they've been great.
  • Reuven Lerner - I've been following Reuven's Better Developers newsletter for a few years now and there's always interesting nuggets of Python knowledge. I did the Weekly Python Exercise course too and there's a lot to learn no matter how long you've been programming Python. Highly recommended.