Here's a list of other websites I've built. I'm available for freelance web development work. I focus on dynamic, data-driven websites with python, django, and React. To see more of my work and available services please visit https://kotsf.com.

  • AskReddit But AI - A GPT-2 model trained on over 7000 AskReddit posts was used to generate 84,781 questions. 25 questions are posted each day on the website. Users can vote questions up or down. Every 6 hours the top voted question is posted to the subreddit /r/AskRedditButAI and tweeted by the account @AskReddit
  • No Nonsense Recipes - A subscription based, ad-free recipe database. Django backend, with Bootstrap frontend and minimal VanillaJS for dynamic aspects. Hosted on AWS using EC2, S3 + Cloudfront, RDS.
  • Monica Steinberg | Art Historian - An online academic curriculum vitae. Uses the Django framework with a Bootstrap frontend.
  • Tilting At Windmills - This blog. A static site generated with Gatsby and hosted on a Linode VPS. View the source