KotSF is now Tilting at Windmills

According to WHOIS, I first registered the domain kotsf.com, a little over 12 years ago on August 18, 2008. Since then it's been my catch-all for various and sundry personal projects. Originally, it pointed to a computer in my spare bedroom and hosted teamspeak and ventrilo servers for online gaming. Later it migrated to Linode where it hosted this blog.

When I decided to start a new LLC to manage my freelance work and various side projects (like No Nonsense Recipes) I named it KotSF. I already had the domain. It's short and somewhat memorable. Perfect. Then, as business started picking up, I realized it didn't look too great to have the domain be a personal blog.

Thus it came to be that KotSF has been migrated to the business website and blog is relocated here to the all-new, much prettier, tiltingatwindmills.dev. Links to the old blog are redirecting and everything seems to be working smoothly.

In case anyone is wondering KotSF stands for Knight of the Sad Face, the name Sancho coins for Don Quixote. (maybe Knight of the Forlorn Countenance, depending on your translation, but I like sad face better). Tilting At Windmills is, of course, keeping with the theme. Here's to dreaming the impossible dream!